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28 October 2008 @ 10:53 am
James Bond is BACK!!!!!!!!!!  

If my pal, Lucy Twinkleton, saw him she'd want to mother him, lol, but she's prejudiced! :-D

Saw it last night but didn't understand it!

But it was good and interesting!

Must take Twinky and buy her an ice-cream and kiss and cuddle her on 'the back row of the movies on a Saturday night', lol!

She wouldn't understand Quantum either cos she's a blonde, but she's very cute! :-D

Drying Dreams would have bin amused with 'The Homega Man' - someone from Homer's burg upsets the French president...

Sacrebleu says he and launches a neutron bomb on Springfield; the missile housing the warhead has 'Intel Inside' written on the side! :-D

Homer finds he's the Last Man in Springfield and there's these vampire weirdos!

Part of a 3 story Halloween special!

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